AUGUST 12th, 2016

"I've Got A Feelin'" by Macy Todd 

by Taylor


It'll take a couple seconds to realize that Macy Todd's "I've Got A Feelin'" is worth your time. The debut track from the Atlanta soul singer is filled with fierce, suave production and her own intimate, boisterous voice, and what perfectly articulate lines she uses invites singing/bellowing along. This won't be the last time the singer is heard.



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AUGUST 12th, 2016

macy todd captivates with powerful vocals on "I've Got a Feelin"

by Michell C. Clark


“I’ve got a feeling…that your love is growing cold.”

Some vocalists are able to turn heads with only a few notes. Macy Todd is a prime example. With “I’ve Got A Feelin,” she quickly pulls listeners in with her emotive, powerful vocals as she delivers a gripping narrative of the emotions she feels in regards to a romance that’s gone cold.



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AUGUST 10th, 2016

INtroducing: MACY todd

by Josh


Beautifully classic soulful songwriting here from Atlanta’s Macy Todd, merging elements of the likes of Winehouse, Paloma Faith and Macy Gray. Toeing the line perfectly between daringly over the top yet emotionally intimate, it’s hopefully a sign of far more to come. Check out I’ve Got a Feelin’ below.



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AUGUST 10th, 2016


by Adedapo Adegboyega


Macy Todd's I've Got a Feelin' Is A Work of Art.  Listen...

Singer/song writer Macy Todd comes through with a new classic song titled “I’ve Got A Feelin’”. The 20 year old Georgia singer creates great music which transcends both genre and time. Her vocal power shines through the instrumental delivering soulful and warm melody which serenades the ear.

“I’ve Got A Feelin’ was a therapeutic release that gave me back my freedom. At the song’s core it is about my personal experience with love and loss.” – Macy Todd



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AUGUST 5th, 2016


by Wendy Redden


Macy Todd is 19 years old and she is blowing us away with her first digitally released track, “I’ve Got A Feelin'”.

She has a timeless sound and she is enveloping a myriad of genres into her sound including blues,folk, r&b and jazz. “I’ve Got a Feelin'” mesmerizes with Ms. Todd’s passionate vocals complimented by the addition of keys, scintillating guitar and even a bit of whistling here and there. Lyrically, it’s the best track to ruminate to if you are on the outs with your current lover who has done you wrong, or it’s one we can all relate to from failed relationships in the past.

Regardless, Ms. Todd has our attention and hopefully new digital releases will be coming forth as she already has a physical album her local Atlanta fans already have their hands on. Could Ms. Todd be the female counter part that catches fire like recent soul infused artists including Leon Bridges or Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats? We are intrigued to hear more from this young and talented singer-songwriter.



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MAY 19th, 2016

who is macy todd? 

by Kate Croxton


An up-and-coming singer and songwriter with a fresh, yet classic sensibility, Macy Todd creates Soul/R&B- tinged pop music that transcends both genre and time. Hailing from Atlanta, the 21-year-old artist delivers an instantly captivating sound that centers on her delicate yet masterful voice. Macy laces those sweetly soulful vocals into songs built on indelible melody and a warm, graceful musicality.

Raised in Lawrenceville, Macy grew up in a family who made music a major part of her life from her earliest years.

“My dad was a singer and toured in bands for a long time and he played everything from Queen to Stevie Wonder around the house when I was a kid.” Macy said.

At age 14, Macy began delving deeper into her musical roots and learned to play guitar. The following year, she tapped into her creative side and tried her hand at composing songs, quickly discovering her natural sense of melody and lyricism.

“I started writing my own silly songs when I was about 15 and in a couple years, I started to realize that music was something that I could actually pursue as a career.. That seemed like a dream to me. I realized quickly that it could become a reality.” Macy said.

As shown on “Wildflowers,” one of her original songs that was never released digitally, Macy is graced with a rare and enchanted power to channel pure feeling into music that is elegantly arranged and gorgeously refined. For Macy, who tends to take an instinct-guided approach to songwriting, instilling each song with so much heart is essential to her vision.

“I love writing songs because it lets me express myself in a way that’s not always easy to do in everyday life,” Macy said. “I can use the music and melody and all those elements to create emotion, to make people reflect and build a level of connection that's honest and raw.”